Working to bring Unity to the CommUnity

We have been fortunate enough to call the Printfield Forum/Project’s Portacabin home since December 2012 (when the Burgh Hall closed).  Without them, we would have been quite literally homeless and are very grateful for the space.

Having use of the Portacabin has allowed us to interact with people who wouldn’t have normally come into a Church setting.  The Portacabin is also great for the children who come to our clubs.  Understandably not having our own building restricts us as to the times, frequency and types of groups/clubs we can offer.  We work with what we have and do God’s work as He directs us.

It may not be the most traditional looking Church building but regardless of the look, where two or three are gathered, God is there and His presence can be felt when we come together in worship.


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