Working to bring Unity to the CommUnity


It is a great privilege to serve as unpaid Minister of our tiny Church, which tries to put into practice – show you ‘our’ Faith by ‘our’ Actions (James 2 v 18).

Our tiny Church runs a Ladies Group, Men’s Group, Children’s Craft Club, Homework Club and an embryo Boys’ Brigade Group.  We are also part of a discussion group which meets weekly at the local KFC.

We also support widows and children in Tanzania through a Charity called, Global Love, and also Tear Fund and Christian Rebuild, which helps in places like Syria, Lebanon and Eastern and Southern Europe.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the members try to respond to the reality that we are part of Christ’s body at Woodside and as such, we remind ourselves of W.W.J.D. – in responding to the needs of today’s living, What Would Jesus Do.  We are in the community to help people.

With the freedom to make our own decisions, and with Jesus’ guidance and help, anything is possible.

If you agree with the ethos of our Church, why not come and visit us, any Sunday at 10am in the Portacabin.  God calls all of us to; a new beginning, forgiveness and to life eternal, but it starts here and now.  You will be made most welcome.

Every Blessing

Rev. Andy Cowie


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